Brad Aaron Modlin, Proximity, summer, 2017
"Between Too Many Rats and So Many Roses: the Artwork of Janice Wright Cheney"

 Sue Sinclair, Canadian Art, March 29, 2017
      "The Lumbering Beauty of Janice Wright Cheney's Bears"

Anne Koval, MUSE, 2014 

Cellar, 2012: essays by
      Terry Graff, “Rats in the Cellar”
      Lianne McTavish, “Engaging Vermin: The Works of Janice Wright Cheney”
      Sarah Fillmore, “RATS!”

Oh Canada, 2012: essays by
     Ruth Cuthand, Interview with artist
     Denise Markonish, “Oh, Canada or: How I learned to love 3.8 Million Square
     Miles of Art North of the 49th Parallel”

Dirt, Detritus and Vermin, 2011: essay by Katie Belcher, “Ornament and Grime

Trespass, 2010: essay by Peter Larocque